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Mission And Vision

Our goal is to act as a bridge to serve and encourage men and women transitioning back into the community after incarceration, helping them become successful contributors to society.


It is from a clear focus on housing that we derive our vision. Often after serving their time, many issues plaguing the formerly incarcerated can cause them to recidivate back behind bars. Lack of stable housing is a huge part of this issue. The critical first steps back into the community—and out of the cell—require a home and all that a home entails. At Bridges To Hope, we understand that a prosperous future for the formerly incarcerated depends on the stability that only a home can provide.


Bridges to Hope provides basic household furniture, clothing, and personal hygiene products at no cost to the men and women we serve. An executive director, office manager, thrift store manager, and store assistant, along with many dedicated volunteers, manage the 4,800 square foot warehouse and the 3,500 square foot thrift store, providing a friendly face to those coming through our doors. Our vision also includes incoming housing projects like the Tiny Home Village, which will exist to end some of the current issues that cause the incarcerated to recidivate.


Bridges to Hope is privately funded and operates from donations, local grants and fundraisers such as Give to Lincoln Day, Giving Tuesday, and Bud’s Thrift Shoppe, our largest fundraiser. Bridges to Hope also is a member of the Community Services Fund of Nebraska, a workplace giving campaign. We are proud of what we have accomplished since our founding, but we seek to do so much more. With community support, we hope to add important positions to our existing staff, including chief financial officer, volunteer coordinator, director of development, and grant writer. Your support helps our vision for a prosperous and successful community become a reality.

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