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About Us

Bridges To Hope was developed with the objective of improving the quality of life and increasing the potential of Nebraska’s formerly incarcerated. We exist to help set as many of them as possible onto a path of success and rehabilitation.


Even long after serving their time, many issues plaguing the formerly incarcerated can cause them to recidivate. Addictions, mental illness, and lack of community support are just a few factors that can adversely affect their chances of success. Stigma and fear can also make rehabilitation more difficult.


At Bridges To Hope, we provide the guidance they need in the form of a new life. Our work fights the core issues that cause people to recidivate. We believe housing is one of the most integral parts of this mission. We provide tangible items, referrals, and other needed resources that expand community support and encouragement. We also work closely with many other organizations that provide mentoring, job training, leadership skill training, and other key elements of rehabilitation.


Bridges To Hope is proud to be a first point of contact for the formerly incarcerated population of Nebraska. Some leave prison without anyone left in their lives to support them. We offer the reassurance that there will always be someone around for them to assist in whatever ways they may need. While we offer physical tools to help them on their journeys, we’re most proud of our ability to give them the courage to face their new freedom in a sometimes frightening and unfamiliar world.

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