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Bridges To Hope is a not-for-profit organization classified as a publicly supported 501(c) (3) charity under the Internal Revenue Code. This organization is proudly governed by a community-based, volunteer board of directors and administered by professional staff.


Bridges To Hope exists to improve the quality of life and increase the potential of Nebraska’s formerly incarcerated, and we have formed our identity around that goal. Every day, we work together to help set as many of the formerly incarcerated as possible onto a hopeful new path, one of success and rehabilitation. Our hallmark is to work together to innovate, creating lasting change that addresses Nebraska’s recidivism challenges. This identity is made up of our mission, approach, financials, and—most importantly—our people.


The world today can be frightening enough to us. Imagine how much more frightening it can be to someone who has been cut off from it for five, ten, or even twenty years. At Bridges To Hope, we fight the core issues that can scare people into reoffending recidivating. Housing is one of the most integral parts of this fight.


While we offer physical tools to help them on their journeys, we’re most proud of our ability to give them the courage to face their new freedom in a sometimes strange and unfamiliar world. Bridges To Hope operates with the understanding that we can make a huge difference in our community—one gift at a time.

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