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What a Great Year!

Dear Friend,


As we near the end of 2023 and reflect on the accomplishments made, it’s clear to see that we have had a very busy, and successful year! For instance, in 2022, Bud’s Thrift Shoppe received almost $107,000 in sales and this year it has already received over $114,000 in sales and we still have the busiest shopping month left!


Another highlight is the number of services we provided. From January through the end of November we provided a total of 681 services to those reentering our community after incarceration. Sometimes, those who are released are unable to visit Bridges to Hope so a reentry specialist from the department of corrections will come and pick up a care package that one of our many volunteers has put together. These care packages usually consist of two outfits of clothing and hygiene products. Of the 681 services provided, 107 of those were care packages.


I must admit, however, that the most exciting accomplishment has been securing the property we will build Hope Village on! The City of Lincoln graciously sold us the property for $1 which will allow us to provide safe, affordable housing for 20 individuals and/or small families! We held a groundbreaking ceremony on October 27th and are now in the process of finalizing details for the infrastructure and securing all required building permits. With cold weather staring us in the face, we may be looking at early spring before we can begin laying slabs and building houses, but we will post updates as we progress on our website.


All this progress and success would not happen if it weren’t for you! Your in-kind and financial contributions allow us to operate. Your support and encouragement motivate us. You spreading the word helps us provide more and more awareness to our community, therefore generating more support. It’s a fantastic cycle that continues to snowball! THANK YOU for believing in us! 


I hope you will continue to be a part of our growing family! GIVE where your heart tells you to give and keep sending good vibes, thoughts, and prayers as we bring new solutions for housing and services to the forefront of our community.


I hope your holidays were wonderful and I hope you have a blessed New Year!


Rhonda Mattingly,

Executive Director

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