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A Season of Second Chances

Fall is near! Do you know what I love most about fall? Of course, the cool crisp air and all the

gorgeous colors, and we can’t forget Husker Volleyball and Football! But what I love most about fall is what it represents. Some may dread fall because to them it signifies the end of a vibrant, lively, playful season and the coming of a cold, dark season. To me, it signifies beautiful change and second chances!

No matter what the year has looked like so far, the heat, the drought, the storms. Fall signifies it’s time for a change. Time to prepare ourselves for rest, and time to regroup and an opportunity for second chances in the coming year.

All of us, at one time or another in our lives, have been blessed with second chances, whether deserving or not. Yet many times we forget to give others second chances. We judge a bit too quickly and forget about our own past mistakes. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone would drop their stones and see each other as deserving of second chances?

Bridges to Hope and Bud’s Thrift Shoppe are all about second chances! We serve individuals by providing them with second chance furniture, clothing, and household goods. With the development of Hope Village, we will be able to add to their second chances by providing affordable, stable housing!

Second Chances…It’s What We Do!

Rhonda Mattingly, Executive Director

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